Calgary Driving Classes Price

If you are looking for a driving schools in Calgary, worried about the Calgary Driving Classes Price and are getting the same old story about how all of the Driving Schools are same or you are in dilemma in selecting the best Driving School with the potential to do the job right in Calgary, New Drivers of Alberta is your best choice. Entrust your Driving Schools education to the school that teaches hundreds of New Drivers in Calgary every year. We assure you that you will get the quality Driving Courses at affordable Calgary Driving Classes Price.

At New Drivers Of Alberta, our certified and experienced driving instructors will give you the best care and attention to the needs of each and every students, instructing with safe driving techniques in an encouraging, supportive environment. We assure that each and every students here gets the private and one-on-one instruction on our specially equipped practice vehicles.

Quality Driving Classes at Affordable Calgary Driving Classes Price

New Drivers Course With Class 7 Licence NOVICE PLUS PREMIUM Insurance Reduction Course
Class Room 15 Hrs 15 Hrs 15 Hrs 15 hr 15 hr
In Car Training 10 Hrs 12 Hrs 14 Hrs 10 hr 6 hr
Auto $649 $749 $849 $ 649 $ 449
Manual $849 $989 $1129
Brush Up Lessons
2 Hr Brush up session
Auto $119
Manual $159
Defencive Driving
Class Room Course $99
Online Course $99